Welcome to Episode 1 of The Simple Home Podcast. 

Simple living has been a journey for me. A journey I’m still on. What I’ve learned so far is that every time I make something simpler, get rid of clutter, or remove excess from my life in some way, I feel lighter and happier.

Being a minimalist and living simply are both possible with a family. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to feel overwhelmed, crazy, exhausted, or run down. You can enjoy motherhood and the time with your kids.

I’m not saying every single moment will be pure bliss, but once you begin to simplify your life, you’ll have more time to breathe, slow down, and enjoy.

If you’re feeling like you can’t keep up and you have no time to do the things that really matter to you, then The Simple Home Podcast is for you.

In this week’s episode I give you 3 easy things you can do right now to get started on your journey to simpler living. You can read the full transcript here. 


Key Takeaways

  • I tell you my pre-baby picture of motherhood and why it was unrealistic.
  • I talk about why I don’t consider myself a minimalist.
  • I give you 3 actionable tips you can use today to make life simpler.
  • We’ll talk about how to keep your counters clear.
  • I tell you where to start with getting rid of clutter.
  • We discuss a strategy I call experimental decluttering.


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