Does the thought of traveling with kids feel overwhelming?


The first time we flew with all three of our kids, we had a 3 year old, a 1 year old, and an infant. We thought we needed car seats, diapers, a pack in play, snacks, clothes, strollers, a baby carrier, and all the other things. I remember thinking, are we sure about this? Traveling with kids might just be too hard. Maybe we should just wait until they get bigger. 


But we knew this would be the only time we’d be able to take our family of 5 somewhere and only pay for 3 tickets (kids 2 and under were considered lap children and didn’t require a ticket), so we went for it.


We’ve always tried to travel light and didn’t want that to change just because we had kids, so we had to make a few changes. 


Here’s a few things we did to travel light with young kids:

  • Checked with hotels and vacation rentals to see who had cribs available so we didn’t have to bring one.
  • Chose locations where we could walk to the things we wanted to see so we didn’t have to rent a car. This saved us money and allowed us to leave car seats at home. 
  • Planned on doing laundry so we could pack fewer clothes.
  • Packed one bag per person that would fit under the seat so we didn’t have to check bags or haul large suitcases through the airport. 
  • Checked our strollers at the gate to help us get through the airport. 


As our kids have grown, some things have gotten easier, but we still need to keep things simple in order to enjoy our vacation. 


That’s why on this episode of The Simple Home Podcast we talk all about traveling with kids. 


Key Takeaways from this episode of The Simple Home:

  • How to pack light so you don’t have so much to carry.
  • How to plan what you see and do on your trip to keep things more enjoyable.
  • How to set and stay on a budget when you travel with your family.
  • Why you don’t have to worry about doing the ‘big things’ on your trip.
  • How to get started no matter what age your kids are.


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Video- How to Pack Light with Kids

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