When I was young, I loved going to the health foods store with my mom.

I loved the way it smelled. I didn’t know what the smell was but I assumed it was something about the types of foods and products that were sold there and I knew it was different from a regular grocery store. Do you know the smell I’m talking about? Everything smelled so clean and fresh and in some way made me feel healthier. 

toxin free

I didn’t know about essential oils or living toxin free until I was in my twenties.

I remember the first time a friend shared her love of essential oils with me and it took me right back to that health foods store as a little girl. It’s amazing how a smell can do that. (Side note: did you know smell is linked to memory more than any of your other senses? I’ll talk more about that later.)


I began dabbling a bit with oils at that point. I found my favorite smells, used a diffuser occasionally, added oils to personal products and cleaning products, and enjoyed wearing them. I never went much deeper in understanding all the benefits of each oil and how many possibilities there were to use them to create a healthy, toxin free home. 


Honestly, I felt like it was a bit too complicated. There’s just so much information out there and, although I’d love to know it all, I don’t have the time to figure it out on my own. 

toxin free

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I will never recommend a product or service I do not use and love myself. 

Then I was introduced to Simply Earth

Immediately I knew it would be something I would love and you would love too. Simply Earth makes it fun and easy to create household and personal products that are toxin free and smell amazing. All at a fraction of the cost from many other essential oil companies. If you sign up for a membership plan, you get new oils and recipes delivered to your door, often with a few extras. 

Let’s talk about the details of Simply Earth:

  • They have a membership option and an online store giving you plenty of options to get what you need. 
  • They provide oils, recipes, education, and other supplies.
  • They give 13% of their proceeds to fight human trafficking. (13 because that’s the average age of a person forced into modern day slavery in the US.)
  • Owned and operated by certified aromatherapists.


What I love most about Simply Earth:

  • The high quality, ethically sourced, 100% pure essential oils and other products.
  • How kind and easy they are to work with.
  • The recipes that come with each box.
  • The information I get each month to help me use the oils with purpose to create a toxin free home for my family.
  • Getting new oils delivered right to my door.

toxin free

I’m always excited when I find a small business I can support and this one has surpassed my expectations. There really isn’t anything not to like. 

  • A small mom- owned company
  • They give money back to a great cause.
  • High quality products at reasonable prices.
  • Easy to follow instructions to make toxin free products for your home.


If you want to learn more about Simply Earth, you can visit their website here. If you decide to give the monthly subscription enter the coupon code, THESIMPLEHOMEFREE at checkout to get a FREE bonus box and a $40 egift card you can use on your next purchase.