One of the best ways I find to get through hard seasons of motherhood is to find moms who are in a similar season and are positive, encouraging, and honest.

This doesn’t have to be a close friend (of course that’s great too), it can be a mentor that you don’t actually know in person. For me, there are a few podcasters and authors who I find to be incredibly helpful, especially during more challenging seasons.

Even though there are millions of us in the thick of motherhood, it can be isolating and lonely. It can feel as though every one else has it all figured out and is sailing right through, when in reality, we all face many of the same challenges. Never enough time, house always a mess, tantrums at the grocery store, meltdowns at dinner time, etc., etc..

That’s why I was so excited to bring Nancy Ray to The Simple Home Podcast this week!

She is on of those moms who I find encouragement in. She’s a mama to 3, soon to be 4, young kids, puts God at the center of everything she does, and tries to remain positive even in the harder seasons.

On this episode, Nancy talks with us about daily rhythms, creating an ideal week, and figuring out how to live with intention, even when we’re busy. She talks about the different seasons of motherhood and what simplicity means to her.

You guys are in for such a treat this week! This episode of The Simple Home Podcast is one of my favorites! 


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