As you get deeper into your photography journey you will quickly realize that your lens can make all the difference. There are so many to choose from and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. As a mom photographer, there are a few lenses I find to be essential in my collection. Here is a list of the best lenses for mom photographers (just like you!) that will help you capture your precious moments.

best lenses for mom photographers

Best lens for moms for indoor shooting: 35mm f1.8

The 35mm lens is a perfect focal length for inside your house. It will give you the ability to capture a bit more of your space (especially if you aren’t using a full frame camera). You can purchase this lens for a very reasonable price with an a max aperture of 1.8. You can also upgrade for an even wider aperture if you choose. I find this to be the lens I have on my camera most often.

best lenses for mom photographers

Best all around lens for moms: 24-70mm f2.8

If you are looking for a camera that is perfect in almost every situation, I would recommend the 24-70mm zoom lens with an aperture of 2.8. This lens gives you the ability to zoom in and out as well as open your aperture for adding light and decreasing depth of field. This is lens is a bit more expensive so it may be easier to start with the 35mm or 50mm lens until you really decide to perfect your photography skills.

best lenses for mom photographers

Best lens for moms shooting sports photos: 85mm f1.8

An 85mm lens gives you the ability to get a bit closer to your subject without having to invest in a zoom lens. The aperture of 1.8 is great for portraits and keeps the price reasonable. Just like the 35mm, you can purchase an 85mm with a wider aperture setting. This lens is amazingly sharp and produces beautiful photographs. I find it perfect for shooting photos of my kids when they are playing sports, at the playground, or when I want to get portraits from a bit further away.

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Best portrait lens for moms: 50mm f1.8

This is probably one of the most popular lenses for new photographers and seasoned photographers alike. It makes a perfect lens for any portrait situation and is super affordable. This is another lens that might very well just stay on your camera all the time. If you are shooting with a crop sensor camera you might find the 50mm makes it difficult to get enough of your scene when shooting indoors, however, it is a perfect lens to get stunning portraits of your kids.

best lenses for mom photographers

There is an awful lot of photography equipment out there, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to get photos you love. The lenses above may not be in your budget right now, but I encourage you to start with one good lens, other than your kit lens. Look closely at the list above and decide what would work best for your photography goals right now. For most new photographers this is going to be the 35mm or 50mm f1.8 lens. These are both great lenses and will get you amazing photos right away.


What to do now:

Choose the best lens for your photography goals. In my opinion, this is the single most important piece of equipment you have for improving your photos. It may be hard to make the initial investment, but I promise it will be worth it in the end! You can pin this article for later by clicking the Pinterest icon on the side. My goal for you is that you have fun with photography and make it a part of your every day.  Tag me on Instagram (@athomewithkidsblog) and show me your favorite photos.


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best lenses for moms