It is so important to teach music to preschoolers.

Music can be beneficial for young children in many different ways. Research shows that music plays a huge role in academic success. Even from the earliest ages, it can increase your child’s cognitive development and even helps develop early literacy skills. The first stages in learning to read are understanding language and hearing the sounds in words. Listening to music makes learning both of these skills much easier. Teaching music to your preschooler can be a joyful learning experience for both you and your child.

teach music to preschoolers

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I do not have much musical talent of my own. I wish I did, but it is not my gift. However, I have always had an appreciation of music and hope to instill that in my children as well. I want to give them the opportunity to learn how to read music and play an instrument if they choose.


When my first son was small we did all kinds of music classes. They were a blast and my son LOVED them. Then I had two more littles and getting to these classes proved to be nearly impossible! Of course, I still wanted all my kids to enjoy classes like this, but it just got a lot more complicated. 


Luckily I found Jessica! She is an incredible music teacher who has created online piano courses and other music education resources for kids. She makes it easy to teach music to preschoolers. (The best part is, I learn from her too!)


What Jessica offers to teach music to preschoolers (at home!):

Jessica’s music courses are EXCELLENT! And I don’t even have to leave the house, double bonus!


If you are looking for a way to teach music to your kids at home, you have got to visit The Domestic Musician.

My Honest Course Review


Jessica provided us with with her level one piano course for my son to try. Let me reiterate that I do not have any experience playing an instrument so I was a bit nervous that this wouldn’t work for us. I thought I would have to supplement some instruction and was worried I wouldn’t know what to do next. However, as we started the lessons, it was clear that the course would be completely comprehensive and all I really had to do was get the keyboard ready and turn on the videos.


This course is divided into 12 lessons. Each lesson is done in video format which makes it very engaging for kids. I thought learning music at home would be a bit boring for my kiddo, but he really took to the lessons and was able to focus. Jessica makes each video fun and upbeat.


The only thing we found to be difficult was the length of a few of the lessons (they are all under 30 minutes so this will not be an issue for most). I found my son’s attention span (he is only 5) to be good for about 15 minutes. We just separated a couple of the lessons into 2 so we could get the most out of each one. This method worked just perfectly for us.

I was so impressed with how thorough each lesson was and how easy it was for my 5 year old to follow along. Jessica shows you her hands from above throughout the lessons which is supper helpful. There is no guessing. You just follow along and everything flows together.


I ended up watching each lesson with my son because I was so intrigued by the whole process. I learned more about piano than I have ever known!


If you want to teach music to your preschooler at home or want to add music instruction to your home preschool, I highly recommend these piano courses. Actually, I highly recommend these courses for any age. 

You have a couple options for teaching music to your preschooler with The Domestic Musician:

  • The monthly subscription includes the piano courses as well as so many more videos. If you decide to join the monthly music education subscription, you can use this link with coupon code, “TDM_DISCOUNT” to get 75% for your first 3 months!


  • If you would rather start with the Piano Level One course, you can get 25% off with this code, “TDMPIANOSALE”.


Both are an amazing value!


I love searching The Domestic Musician for new activities I can do with my kids and so far, everything has been a major hit with them! They are loving music and I am loving watching them learn.


Not sure teaching your kids piano at home is the right fit for you? Take a peek at The Domestic Musician and see what she has to offer. I was nervous at first, but this is now my go to for music education resources. When I get back in the classroom to teach again, I will definitely use these resources for instruction in my classroom as well.


The Domestic Musician has been featured all over the internet and truly knows her stuff. Whether you homeschool, run a home preschool, teach in an elementary school, or want your kids to experience music at home, The Domestic Musician has everything you could ever need.


Remember to use your coupon codes to get started today!

I would love to hear what you think about the courses. Let me know in the comments below!

teach music to preschoolers