Clutter can have a negative impact on your brain and the way you are living your life. This is one of the most important reasons to take a look at the excess in your life and decide if it’s time to make a change.


There are so many reasons why we have a tendency to accumulate ‘stuff’. It’s different for everyone and so is our tolerance level of how much stuff we can have around before being impacted.


Science is pretty conclusive that the amount of physical items we have and the amount of mental clutter we have is taking a toll on our well-being.


If you’ve ever felt anxious or stressed when you walk in your door or you feel like you can’t keep up, your clutter may be the cause.

You may also notice these same things in your kids. Perhaps they get irritable towards the end of the day or can’t seem to focus on one thing. Your home should be your place of rest and calm at the end of a busy work day.


In this episode we dive into the impact too much stuff has on our mind and how getting rid of the clutter in our homes can decrease our mental load.


Key Takeaways

  • We talk about how we get attached to physical things and what marketers do to make this happen at the store.
  • I go through different kinds of clutter that creeps up on us and impacts our mental load.
  • We discuss some science behind this.
  • I give you easy steps you can decrease the clutter in three different areas of your life so you can find more peace in your day to day life.


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the mental load of having too much stuff the mental load of having too much stuff