Trying to stay organized as the seasons of life change is challenging, especially if you have kids.


The amount of stuff that comes into our lives on a daily basis is almost mind blowing sometimes. 


One of my biggest struggles in motherhood is being able to manage the different kinds of clutter as my family grows and changes. On top of the clutter, our routines are always changing as well. If you can relate to this, you’re going to love this episode of The Simple Home Podcast. 


Laurie Palau, the owner of Simply B Organized, is a professional organizer who helps families all over the nation with her clutter clinics as well as helps other professional organizers build and grow their businesses. 


She talks with us today about how to manage clutter and stay organized as your life seasons change. 


Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Where to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the whole process of decluttering. 
  • Why organization is very dependent on processes. 
  • How to stay organized as your family grows.


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