This podcast and my mission with sharing tips with you each week is not about your stuff. Although I talk about stuff a lot, my real hope is that you find a way to let go of the excess things in your life (both physical and mental) so you can live your life. I don’t want you to spend all your time managing your belongings and rushing from place to place. Instead I want you to create space for actually living life.

I also want you to hear me when I say, I am not perfect at any of this. This has been a journey of mine and my family’s for a while now and my hope is I can share what has worked for us along the way, but that you also understand I’m still on the journey with you.

This episode is the beginning of a series I’m calling, small steps to lasting change. Each episode will give you 3 small steps you can implement that will hopefully help you make lasting change in your home and your life. This week we’ll talk about mindset changes. Next episode in the series we’ll talk about day to day tasks, and then we’ll continue over the coming weeks.

Three small mindset shifts we talk about in this episode that you can make today :

1. Intentional shopping and list making

2. What do I want in my life- everything that comes in has to be managed (both physical stuff and the things you add to your calendar)

3. Self denial- the practice of self denial is, in my opinion, one of the best practices you can add to your adult life. Learning how to live with less, and not giving into every temptation will serve you mentally, physically, and financially. 

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