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I’ve been diving into essential oils a lot lately. You may have heard me talk about them on The Simple Home Podcast or seen my recent post about Simply Earth

What I’ve found is that essential oils can benefit us in so many ways, from our mental health and physical health, to our skin and menstrual cycles. The uses and benefits seem endless. 

Simply Earth provides both, high quality, therapeutic grade, 100% pure essential oils and education so you can use each one to create a healthier life for you and your family. 

Just like the last months box, the June box is filled with easy recipes and oils I can use right away. 


simply earth review


What’s Included in the Simply Earth June Box?

  • 4 100% essential oils- Cardamom, Lavender, Timber, and Simply Earth’s special blend, Bumps and Booboos.
  • Dried Calendula flowers to create an herbal infusion that’s been used for 100’s of years.
  • A jar of Aloe Vera Gel



Benefits and Uses for These Essential Oils 

Always make sure to read the safety guidelines for each oil, especially regarding age and pregnancy. These are included in each Simply Earth box, for each oil.

  • Cardamom Uses: Digestion, alertness, warming, pain relief, and decongestant.
  • Lavender Uses: relieves pain, calms, heals skin, deodorizes, relieves allergies.
  • Timber Uses: Calms and supports skin health.
  • Bumps and Booboos Blend Uses: Kills germs and heals skin.



Recipes in Simply Earth’s June Box

  • Calendula Solar Infused Oil- Great for burns, slow-healing wounds, and insect bites. This recipe has been used for hundreds of years as a natural remedy to heal the skin.
  • Skin Healing Gel- Supports the skin’s natural healing process and soothes bumps and booboos. 
  • No Stress Blend- Use it in a diffuser to relieve stress throughout the day.
  • Digest Help Roll On- Soothes nausea and upset digestive system.
  • Burn Salve- Soothing relief for minor burns and sunburns.
  • Sleek and Smooth Shaving Butter- Moisturizes skin after shaving to prevent acne and ingrown hairs.


My Favorite Oil and Recipe in the June Box

This month I am most excited about Timber. The smell is amazing and skin health is an area I’ve been wanting to focus on so I’m excited to make this essential oil a part of my routine. 

I’ve already been diffusing the No Stress Blend recipe as this week has been extra stressful with the launch of my new program, The Simple Home Reset, and have found it to be calming as I work in the morning. 

The Skin Healing Gel is next on my list. As summer is approaching and we are spending most of our days outside, I can see how this gel is going to become a staple in my purse. With 3 adventurous little kids, I’m excited to have a natural remedy for all the bumps and booboos we’ll come across this summer.


simply earth review


Why I love Simply Earth

  • The high quality, ethically sourced, 100% pure essential oils and other products.
  • How kind and easy they are to work with.
  • The recipes that come with each box.
  • The information I get each month to help me use the oils with purpose to create a toxin free home for my family.
  • Getting new oils delivered right to my door.
  • They have a membership option and an online store giving you plenty of options to get what you need. 
  • They provide oils, recipes, education, and other supplies.
  • They give 13% of their proceeds to fight human trafficking. (13 because that’s the average age of a person forced into modern day slavery in the US.)
  • Owned and operated by certified aromatherapists.


If you want to learn more about Simply Earth, you can visit their website here. If you decide to give the monthly subscription a try, enter the coupon code, THESIMPLEHOMEFREE at checkout to get a FREE bonus box and a $40 egift card you can use on your next purchase.