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Do you love getting packages in the mail as much as I do?

I teach about simple living, living with fewer possessions, and slowing down. So when I say getting packages in the mail, I’m not talking about random Amazon orders placed on a whim (we all have to be careful with that😉). I love getting things in the mail that really add value to my life and Simply Earth does that. 

I just opened my August box from the brilliant women behind Simply Earth. One of my favorite things is that this subscription box is aligned with the seasons, making each item purposeful, which I love.


simply earth review


Before I tell you all the goodness inside this box, let me tell you what I love about Simply Earth.

  • The high quality, ethically sourced, 100% pure essential oils and other products.
  • How kind and easy they are to work with.
  • The recipes that come with each box.
  • The information I get each month to help me use the oils with purpose to create a toxin free home for my family.
  • Getting new oils delivered right to my door.
  • They have a membership option and an online store giving you plenty of options to get what you need. 
  • They provide oils, recipes, education, and other supplies.
  • They give 13% of their proceeds to fight human trafficking. (13 because that’s the average age of a person forced into modern day slavery in the US.)
  • Owned and operated by certified aromatherapists.


Inside the August box you’ll find:

  • 4- 15ml 100% pure essential oils- Grapefruit, Citrus Burst, Juniper Berry, and Copaiba.
  • 2oz. spray bottle to make the citrus face mist.
  • 2 cardboard lip balm tubes.
  • 4 100% cotton, quilted cotton rounds.


simply earth review


Recipes in the August box:

  • Citrus Face Mist- Use to refresh, set makeup, and balance the skin’s oil production.
  • Citrus Summer Diffuser Blend- A fresh, energizing blend that smells up the whole house!
  • Sweet Citrus Lip Balm- Make your own, all natural lip balm. Feels and smells so good.
  • Cucumber Soothing Eye Mask- Reduce dark circles under your eyes with this refreshing mask.
  • Radiate Joy Roll On- Support your inner and outward joy with this revitalizing mix of essential oils. 


My favorite recipes inside the Simply Earth August Box:

  • Radiate Joy Roll On- I love a good roll on and this one is my favorite yet! It smells so good and gives me a little extra pep throughout the day. 
  • Citrus Summer Diffuser Blend- The mix of citrus and juniper berry, creates a soothing and energizing blend. My whole family loves this one!


simply earth review


When you place your first order, you’ll also get the big bonus box for FREE.

This box provides so many items to help you create and maintain a healthier home. Paired with the monthly boxes, you’ll be amazed how many easy swaps you can make in your house. On top of your free bonus box, use coupon code THESIMPLEHOME and you’ll also get a $40 gift card to use on your next order. 


simply earth review


There are hundreds of subscription companies out there and you’re not going to find value in all of them. Like everything else, I want you to be picky about what you bring into your home and your life. 

If you use essential oils already or want to get started, Simply Earth is a great place to start. Not only do you get 100% pure oils, you also get recipes and education from certified aromatherapist who’ve developed and tested each one. 

I’ve added new toxin free personal care and cleaning products to my home each month and it smells SO good. But most of all, I feel great knowing I’m adding healthier products into our home as my kids grow.

No matter when you’re reading this, Simply Earth has amazing things waiting for you. Click this link to learn more and get your free Big Bonus Box. Don’t forget to use the code THESIMPLEHOME at checkout to get your $40 gift card too.