I used to work at a recreation center as a closing manager. What does that have to do with simplifying your days?

Occasionally I would open as well. The person who trained me was a master of efficiency. She had it down to a science. She walked me through exactly what needed to be done each night in order to make it easier for the opening staff. She kept it simple and gave each department their own list. We could close down the entire rec center in under 20 minutes.

Think of your house in this way and how you can use it to simplify your days.

How can you begin and end each day to make things run smoother? Imagine waking up to a clean, organized, welcoming space, instead of a messy kitchen, laundry piles, or misplaced items.

Putting simple routines into place each evening and morning will change your whole day.

  • If your house was a business, what would you do to ‘close’ for the day?
  • What would you do to ‘open’ for the day?

If you think about your routines in this way, you’ll be able to create morning and evening routines that simplify your life rather than making it more complicated. You’ll also be more likely to stick to your routines and enjoy the benefits of doing the same thing consistently.

In this episode of the simple home podcast, I’ll talk to you about how we made this happen in the recreation center and how I’ve brought those same concepts into my home. I’ll give you ideas to open and close your day and how to implement tasks throughout the day to make things easier.

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