Do you ever get to 5:00 and have no idea what to make for dinner?

I do this all the time! I imagine it’s similar to how someone feels when they’re writing a book and staring at a blank white screen. I look in the refrigerator and whether I’ve just been to the grocery store or not, it looks empty. The only way I’ve found to mitigate this is to have some sort of a plan.

However, meal planning can feel complicated and stressful.

What do you think? Have you tried a million different methods and haven’t quite landed on what works best for you? Just like everything else, simple is best when it comes to getting meals on the table. Simple recipes, simple meal planning, and less time wondering what to cook!

In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, Christine from Cook This Story, teaches us her method for meal planning.

I love what she says about getting started because it’ll take zero effort and give you so much time back!

You’re going to love this episode and all of Christine’s tips on meal planning. She also shares with us some of her favorite simple recipes to make getting started that much easier.

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