Are you stuck with thousands of photos of your kids, but none you want to hang on your wall?

Want to start taking photos you love?

Whether you use your phone, a digital camera, or a film camera, these photography tips will help you take the stunning photos you are hoping for. Scan through the list of articles to see which tips are best for your stage of photography right now. Be sure to bookmark this page to come back to later as your photography needs change.

photography tips for moms

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Capture personality

Posed photos rarely show your child’s personality. Of course there is a time and place for having a beautiful posed photo, but most of your photos should depict your child for who they are right now. What are you going to want to remember about your child at this age? Those are the things to capture in your photos. For example, my two year old has the most infectious smile right now. It is something even strangers comment on and something that really makes him who he is at this moment in time. When I’m photographing him, I want that genuine smile to come through so I use several tricks to try and get home to show me that smile. On the other hand. Our little girl is very thoughtful and focused. I love to get photographs of her where she is involved in an activity where she is displaying this quality naturally. You can read about all the ‘capturing personality’ tricks I use when photographing kids in this article.


Photos to take every year

There are so many precious moments you can capture on film when taking photos of kids. But if you try to capture them all, you will have thousands of photos. Rather than just focusing on the big events like birthdays and holidays, try a few of these ideas. Each photo will give you the opportunity to capture your kids just how they are. I try to capture each of these images at least once per year, sometimes more.


Manual mode

If you have a DSLR or SLR, but have been using the automatic mode, it’s time to take the plunge. It really is simpler than you think to take photos using your manual settings and trust me, the difference in your photos will amaze you. There are three main pillars in photography, ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. Each of these three pillars work together to provide light into your camera. Light is the main ingredient in every photograph and each of these three pillars help determine how that light will be captured. It’s a wonderful thing when you figure out just how each of these components work and it truly will transform your photographs.

How to take better photos

Super sharp photos

It’s such a drag when a photo is slightly out of focus or a bit grainy. The truth is it can be a little tricky to get a super sharp image, but there are a few tricks that you can do to make it happen. Getting crystal clear images will transform your portrait photos of your kids. The eyes will pop and draw the viewer in. Your photos will have more emotion and you will love the way they look.


Photograph toddlers

Have you tried to photograph toddlers only to find you get lots of blurry photos, crazy faces, and lots of fits? Toddlers don’t really like to sit still or be told what to do so capturing a good photograph is nearly impossible at times! These tips will help you get those precious photos you’ve been hoping for without the fuss. I use these same tricks when I do family photo sessions as well as with my own kids. I am sure at least a few of them can help you too!


Take better photos

I have always liked taking photos and when my first was born I knew I’d take a ton of photos. However, I quickly realized that none of my photos looked the way I wanted. I started learning everything I possibly could about photography and, of course, practicing on my cute new little model. I found that there were a few things I could really focus on to get the photos I wanted. I continue to grow and learn, just as you will, but these tips will give you a head start.

how to take better photos

What to wear for a photo shoot

One of the most common questions I get from my clients is “how should I dress my family for our photo shoot? It doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. Whether you are taking photos of your own family and just want to coordinate outfits, or you have a professional photo shoot coming up, use these tips to help you get the most out of your family photos with less stress.


Natural light

This is my absolute favorite topic in photography. As soon as I learned to utilize the natural light around me, it was magical! My photos immediately transformed and so will yours. Whether you take photos inside or outside, learning how to use the available light will help you take stunning photos every time. Use these tips to get the most out of your lighting. Combine this knowledge with that of your manual settings and you will be unstoppable.

Photography tips for moms

Newborn photos

Hospital rooms don’t exactly give you an ideal setting to get photos of your newborn, but those first 24-48 hours are so precious. One thing you have to your advantage at the hospital is the giant windows most rooms have. They may not provide a great view, but they do give you nice light. If you are about to have a baby or have a friend who is, use these tips to help you achieve those beautiful newborn photos during those first days of life.


Indoor photo shoots

This is a great activity to do when you have a day at home. Set up a few little mini photo shoots with your kids. They will enjoy these just as much as you and you will get great photos as well as a lot of practice. Getting good photos indoors is often harder than getting good photos outside so this can be a great way to get to know your settings and the best locations in your house for natural light.


Photo projects

Practice makes perfect, right? We here that all the time. It’s especially true when it comes to photography. I find it the most fun to practice when I have a few projects to try. It gives me the opportunity to stretch my creativity and increase my knowledge. Each of these projects are easy to do. You can even do them with your little budding photographers for a fun family activity. My kiddos love their Vtech cameras and will spend hours with me completing little photo challenges.


Photography is a skill that can be learned.

The key to get better at anything is just doing it. Dust off your camera, read a few of these articles and enjoy the images you capture as a result!


photography tips for moms

photography tips for moms

photography tips for moms

photography tips for moms