Motherhood is too short a season to be living in survival mode. How to make Simple Parenting a reality.

  • If you find yourself running through the days on autopilot,
  • going from one cleaning task to the next,
  • and exhausted at the end of every day,

then this episode is for you. 


Learning how to slow down and be intentional with your days will get you out of survival mode and back to a place where you can enjoy the little moments with your kids. 


I used to feel a big burden with all the many tasks of being a mom. The cooking and cleaning and managing my house. I was missing out on the sweetest parts. Rather than focusing on what really mattered to me, I was rushing around getting ‘all the things’ done. 


I know I’m not the only one who’s felt this way because everywhere I go, I hear the same thing from moms;


Me: How are you?

Other mom: Good…busy…tired.


Do the conversations you have with your mom friends start this same way? Or are you answering this way?


It’s no secret that motherhood is challenging and takes a LOT of mental and physical energy. But it can also be full of joy. And I don’t want you to miss that part!


On this episode of The SImple Home Podcast, I give you 3 steps to get you out of survival mode so you can start focusing on the better stuff…the people!


Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • How to stay present more often, even if this has been a major struggle for you.
  • How and what to plan ahead for simpler days.
  • Why I use time blocking and how to get started.
  • Why it’s important to enjoy the process.
  • How to allow yourself to let things go.


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