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Being a mother means constantly juggling a lot of tasks and witnessing various events in your
children’s lives. Fortunately, there are ways busy moms can quickly edit DSLR photos, letting
you skip the tedious tinkering. Snap away any time you want, and don’t leave those amazing
moments forgotten in a camera.

3 Ways Busy Moms Can Quickly Edit DSLR Photos

The best way mothers can quickly edit DSLR photos is to transfer photographs onto a desktop
PC or laptop, and use Adobe Lightroom presets to edit and make corrections. For less
complicated commands, you can install photo editing apps on your phones. Another user-
friendly option is to try different photo editing websites.

Have a DSLR, but not sure how to use it? Start here!

Use Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lightroom acts as an all-in-one software for photo editing, whether you’re a beginner or

While Lightroom’s technicalities may feel overwhelming at first, you can easily learn them thanks
to the software’s user-friendly system. Plus, one of the best things about Lightroom is that you
can upload presets that you like into the platform and then edit your images within minutes.
Once you get the hang of the basic controls, you can dive into more advanced editing.

Since the software has a non-destructive editing process, you can experiment with countless
ways to edit photos while keeping the original image file intact.

Here’s a basic step-by-step process on how moms can quickly edit DSLR photos using Lightroom.

1. Import images into the software and organize a library for easy access.
2. Sort through the pictures and rate the ones you would like to edit. You can use flags,
colors, or stars.
3. Apply your desired preset.
4. Crop to improve composition.
5. Edit the white balance by adjusting the Temp slider.
6. Edit exposure by toning down highlights and bringing up shadows.
7. Adjust the tone curve to fine-tune the color in specific parts of a picture.
8. Modify hue, saturation, and luminance.
9. Edit details to improve sharpness with little image noise.
10. Turn on lens corrections if the image has vignetting or distortion.
11. Use brushes or spot removal as needed.
12. Export photos.

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Use Photo Editing Apps

Since most cameras can now connect to a smartphone or tablet, mothers can take advantage of
several free and paid apps to edit photos quickly. Use your DSLR to capture images as your
kids grow, then edit them using these apps.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This is the perfect app if you value clean retouches over filters. Photoshop Express brags lots of
auto-fix features, allowing you to modify things like brightness, shadows, contrast, saturation,
and hue by only using a slider.


VSCO offers a one-tap editing solution for editing DSLR photos, giving moms more time for
picture-taking. While all filters can change a photo’s brightness and colors, you can tone down
the filter strength until you get the mood you want. If you prefer simpler navigation than
Lightroom, VSCO is a good app for beginners.


If you don’t want to download a separate app for photo editing, you can take advantage of
Instagram’s filters and features, and then upload them straight to your account. Instagram has a
range of filter options, so you can pick one that suits your style. After that, you can adjust
opacity, brightness, or saturation.


Afterlight is another app for mothers who favor quick and straightforward and photo editing. This
one has a wide array of filters and editing tools. The selling point is its ability to add effects like
light leaks, sun flares, or backlighting.


If editing isn’t your thing, Snapseed can help you enhance DSLR photos with minimal effort. The
Auto-Correct feature analyzes your image and adjusts exposure and color accordingly. You can
still make a few tweaks with cropping or straightening with a few taps, and then share photos on
your social networks.

Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess combines filters and graphics for moms who love scrapbooking. It offers over
400 crafted filters and 120 movable effects for you to experiment with. The app also saves
custom filters based on your previous edits, so you can easily use them the next time you have
to enhance DSLR photos.


Over enables mothers to edit photos and design collages effortlessly. It has an extensive
selection of stylish templates, fonts, graphics, and easy-to-use editing tools. You can apply
filters and effects to make photos shine.


Try Photo Editing Sites to Edit DSLR Photos


In case you feel like you can’t work on the tiny screen resolution of mobile phones, the best
alternative is to edit DSLR photos on a desktop. Most photo editing websites offer free editing,
allowing mothers to try most photo editing techniques and tricks you can do using Lightroom
and apps.


The website provides a range of image retouching features from basic to advanced tools. It has
filters and effects that let you add magic to every image you edit. This is the one-stop-shop for
moms who want to edit lots of photos, make a collage using them, and create a design for


PicMonkey is a site that lets you transform DSLR photos using editing and graphic designing
tools. Aside from a vast collection of built-in templates, it enables you to create scrapbook-like
images by adding texts, frames, borders, and stickers. After that, you can share your pictures
with a single click.


If you’re ready for more precise editing, Pixlr can give you more advanced editing options. It
looks like Photoshop, yet has simpler filters, effects, and overlays. Even if you feel a bit
overwhelmed with photo editing complexities, there are user-friendly tools to produce images
with a professional touch.



IPiccy has advanced editing processes like Pixlr, yet it also provides easy-editing tools similar to
PicMonkey. If this is your first time editing photos, the website’s intuitive design allows you to
learn how to edit in no time. With just a click, mothers can do basic enhancements for faster
photo uploading.

As a mother, you can get preoccupied with many things, so you need a fast way to edit DSLR


To determine the right one, consider what kind of editing you want to achieve, then test
which makes it easier for you to post-process lots of photos.