In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, you’ll learn how to be productive without adding to your schedule.

Cara Harvey, quthor of The 15 Minute Formula and host of The Purpose Driven Mom Podcast, will walk you through her productivity process and teach you how to let go of the “busy badge”. Being more productive doesn’t have to mean doing more. Cara’s approach to productivity is different than most and provides much needed relief to overwhelmed moms.

As you listen to this episode, choose one tip to focus on this week and gradually add more as you are able. 

In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast Cara Harvey will teach you how to create more time in your day through intentional time blocking.

  • You’ll learn about Monday Mentality
  • We’ll dive into time blocking – what is it and how it is more helpful than hourly scheduling.
  • The 3 types of time blocks you suggest moms make?
  • How and why we should theme our time blocks?
  • 3 blocks moms need to add in.
  • What a Microwave Minute is and how can it help us maximize our time.

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