Parenting is hard! Right? We’ve all heard this a million times and felt it just as many, but it’s just the truth.


Raising little human beings who have been so beautifully and uniquely created isn’t easy.

Learning to understand their personalities, hold firm boundaries, and parent with love and kindness, can feel like an impossible task.


But with positive parenting, we see a new way of viewing the parent and child relationship.

It’s not about giving into our children’s every desire or permissive parenting, but instead positive parenting allows us to focus on the relationship and connection with our child(ren) while enforcing limits for behavior. 


In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, I had the honor of interviewing Wendy Snyder from Fresh Start Families. Wendy is a Positive Parenting Teacher & Family Coach, helping families parent with great purpose and intention by creating healthy, respectful & cooperative relationships. She has been dedicated to the application of Positive Parenting in her home since 2009. 


Wendy tells us her story of being at the end of her rope with her newborn baby and very strong willed toddler and having nowhere to turn. The parenting tactics she had learned; rewards and punishment, timeouts, threats to take things away, weren’t working and she desperately wanted to enjoy her little girl, but she couldn’t.


Whether you already implement positive parenting strategies in your home, have never heard of it, or don’t think it will work for your family, this episode will encourage and inspire you.

Wendy’s honesty and passion will make you feel like you have an ally in parenting. No matter the age of your children, if you want more connection, you’ll love this episode.


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