You know that mom who always has her camera with her? Who can blame her? There’s always a photo worthy moment and cute little models following her around. I bet she would LOVE getting any one of these Photography Mother’s Day gifts, specifically picked for the momtographer. You could even bundle a few of the gifts, such as #3, #6, and #9. This would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for the momtographer in your life! Do something different this year than all the regular Mother’s day gifts, like flowers, jewelry, a candle, framed photo of the kids, and really make her smile!


photography mother's day gifts

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Photography Mother’s day gifts every camera carrying mom will love!


New Camera Bag

A camera bag is essential for hauling your camera, lenses and other gear around safely. A stylish camera bag that is easy to lug with kids is a perfect  photography Mother’s Day gift for any mom who loves photography. Her camera already goes everywhere so why not get her a pretty new bag to put it in?


New Lens 

Lenses are one of the most prized possessions for any DSLR photographer. Figure out what is missing from her camera bag and gift her a new lens. Or start off her collection right with a 50mm f1.8.


Photography Course 

Giving the gift of an online photography course will allow your special mom to learn photography on her time from the comfort of her home. Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of time to get out and learn these things when you have kids at home. Photography Masterclass covers everything from manual mode to composition, portraits to landscapes, and SO much more. If you have a photography loving mom or one who wishes her photos had a little extra, this course would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift.


how to take better photos


Upgraded Camera 

If she loves to take photos, but hasn’t taken the jump to buying herself a new camera, upgrading her camera would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Trust me, no photography loving mom will be upset about a new camera!


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Gallery Wall

She is going to need a place to display all those stunning photos she is taking. Gather multiple frames or other photo hanging elements that all go together. This way she can create a space to showcase her favorite photos. Get a few of the photos developed ahead of time for bonus points.


A Pretty New Camera Strap 

Most cameras come with a standard strap that is less than pleasing to the eyes. Purchase a pretty camera strap that shows off her style and provides functionality as well.


Mixbook Canvas Print 

Mixbook has hundreds of options for developing photos. A canvas print of one of her photos will be a beautiful gift. You can also create memory books, large prints, and almost anything else you can think of that could have a photo on it.


External Hard Drive

All those photos can cause a major digital storage issue. Rather than housing the photos on her computer, get her an external hard drive so she can safely store and organize all of her photos in one place. 

Adobe Lightroom 

This might be her most favorite gift she has ever been given and costs less than $10/month. Adobe Lightroom is a photographer’s dream, providing editing tools that will enhance those already beautiful images. It is super easy to use and she will love all the features. 


I’m sure you’d agree with me that there is no gift in the entire world that could pay a mom back for all she has done, but these photography Mother’s Day gifts are sure to make her feel special. Make mom’s day this Mother’s Day and find the perfect gift on this list. These gifts will keep on giving long after the day has passed. I would love to hear your ideas too! Add to this list in the comments below!

photography mother's day gifts photography mother's day gifts photography Mother's day gifts