There is so much camera equipment out there. When you’re first starting out it can be hard to decide what is worth spending your money on and what you can do without. I have created a list specifically of photography equipment for moms in hopes to bring clarity to the question, “what do I need”. You do not need to go out and buy everything on this list when you are first getting started. I suggest starting with number 1-4 and then adding to your collection as you strengthen your skills and learn what you need.

photography equipment for moms


I know your phone probably takes amazing photos, but I’m guessing if you are reading this post, you have a passion for photography. My biggest tip is to stop taking all your photos with your phone. I’m not saying don’t take any, I’m just saying don’t take all of them with your phone. First of all, if you love photography, then use it as an outlet. Something you do for you that you love and can continue sharpening your craft while documenting your life. Second, you will get far better photos if you learn how to manipulate your camera settings and use the light. This means, you need a DSLR. There are tons of beginner level DSLRs that will get you stunning images, give you the capabilities to learn all about photography, and last you for years to come. My favorite is Nikon, but Sony and Canon make wonderful cameras as well. Read, “7 questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Buying a New Camera”, to find the right camera for you.


50/35mm 1.8 lens

Most camera packages will come with one to two stock lenses. If you’re going to be taking lots of photos of your kids and want to be able to do more with your images, you need to invest in a 50mm or 35mm 1.8 lens. This lens is not very expensive and will allow you to open your aperture wider and have more control over your clarity, depth of field, and light. Trust me, you will never take this lens off your camera once you have it!

photography equipment for moms

Extra batteries

Inevitably you will run out of battery power in the worst possible moment so spare yourself that pain and just buy a couple extra batteries. You can get them on Amazon for pretty cheap for almost every type of camera. Make sure to get the right battery for your camera!


Lots of memory cards

I put this on the list because I don’t ever want you to get stuck with a full memory card. However, don’t let this be an excuse to never do anything with your photos. Use a cloud storage service like google photos, Flickr, or adobe, and print your very favorites. Don’t let them get lost in the digital abyss. Make sure you know what kind of memory card your camera needs before making a purchase. 

24-70mm 2.8 lens

Once you decide you are serious about this hobby, or maybe you want to make a little extra income from this passion, this is the next lens you need. It gives you the versatility of a range of focal lengths while still having a great aperture range. This is a more expensive lens and that is why it is further on the list, but as you grow your skills, this lens will help you get to the next level.

photography equipment for moms

Light Wand

This is a nifty little light that allows you to position light in your photograph exactly where you want. If you want to get a photo of your child sleeping, blowing out their birthday candles, or in any other dimly lit situation, this light allows you to add just enough light. Using a flash or turning on an overhead light takes away from the scene, but a light wand will keep the same feeling while placing light where it is needed.


Neoprene Camera Case

We all know that DSLRs are extremely bulky (even if you’ve gone with the smaller mirrorless option) and much harder to carry around than our slim little phones. There are neoprene covers for almost all models that will fit your camera like a glove and protect it from scratches or other damage. This makes it easy to through in your purse without too much worry. Of course, these covers are not nearly as protective as a harder case, but they are perfect when you’re going on a quick outing and need an easier way to carry your camera than a big, huge case.


External Hard Drive

As you hone your skills you will probably be taking hundreds, if not thousands, of photos. Putting all these images on your computer will ultimately bog it down and make it hard to use. Instead, purchase an external hard drive where you can upload all your photos and organize them by years, months, events, etc. it is easy to create folder and place all your images where they need to be for quick retrieval. I love this external drive because it is easy to take with you if needed and has a built in protection system in case it is dropped.

How to take better photos

Photography doesn’t have to be a super expensive hobby. Once you have the essential pieces you need, as long as you take care of them, they will last you a long time. There is no need to upgrade with the latest and greatest every time something new comes out. In fact, you can get stunning photographs with the most basic of gear if you understand the fundamentals of photography. The items on this list of photography equipment for mom’s are more than enough to help you capture your memories and improve your photography.


What to do now:

Look at the list of photo equipment for moms and decide what you need to get yo where you want with your photography. It may just be one piece to start, but the point is to just get started. The sooner you make the switch to a DSLR instead of your phone, the sooner you can grow with your love of photography and start documenting the most important moments of your life. Tag me on Instagram (@athomewithkidsblog) and show me your favorite photos.


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