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beginner photography

Motherhood is like running a marathon without any water or snack stops along the way and no finish line.

It takes stamina, motivation, endurance, and strength. There are smiles, tears, anguish, and, excitement. It’s easy to get caught up in running the race while never pausing to look at the scenery and enjoy the fresh (well, probably not actually fresh) air. What I mean is, there are always 500 reasons to be running around, but if you never slow down, you will miss the pleasurable parts of being a mom. This post is all about how photography can help you live in the moment as a mom.

Live in the moment as a mom

It’s hard to slow down and live in the moment.

Sometimes when I am at home with the kids, my mind is in one thousand different places as I look around and notice all the things I could be accomplishing. I am distracted. The kids notice and I notice, but it is hard for me to focus and enjoy our time together. So I get my camera out. When I am taking pictures, I am fully engaged in the moment at hand. I think about what I want to capture from that moment in time and I slow down and enjoy my kids.

Photography, or any art really, makes a person focus on one thing and to look for the best of that moment or place. That’s what I often need as a mom. A trick to shut my brain off and live in the moment.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting that every time you have a moment to play with your kids, you use it to take pictures. I am just saying this can be one way to engage with them, to focus on what really matters, and the memories you are making with them.

Live in the moment as a mom

Live in the moment as a mom

Photography gives me a chance to slow down and enjoy the beauty in each moment. Like when your little one puts bubbles on his chin in the bathtub so he can look like daddy. Or when your little girl twirls around in her skirt to watch it fly around her. Even those tantrums that could drive you crazy have a special quality that you will miss at some point, so take pictures of them. Capture the emotions, faces, and body language of your child’s behavior. You might find some humor in the moment and be able to relax and regroup.

I use photography everyday as a way to live in the moment with my kids. Take a look at this post for 15 photo projects you can do with your kids.



beginner photography

Living in the moment as a mom