I know I’m not the only parent who gets piles of papers from my kid’s school every week. From notes to fliers, to artwork, and school work. It is a constant source of paper clutter that I’m battling daily. 




Even if you don’t have school age kids yet, I bet you get paper from the library, the dentist or doctor, artwork your child does, stuff from daycare, and more. The paper clutter that comes into our homes from our weekly mail is a lot, but add on the paper that comes from our kids and it can quickly get overwhelming.




On this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, we’re going to conquer the paper clutter.




You’ll learn how to manage the endless stream of clutter and curate a few special pieces for your children as they grow.


Instead of keeping boxes of schoolwork, you’ll learn an easy system for keeping the memories in a simple way that will allow you and your kids to enjoy them.  




No more piles of papers on your counter and your desk top, begging for your attention.




Instead, put systems in place that make piles unnecessary and easy to handle. 




Key Takeaways


  • How to store the paperwork and what to keep.
  • What to do each time papers enter your home.
  • An easy way to display the drawings and other creations your kids make daily.
  • My exact process for dealing with paper and keeping mementos for my kids.




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