Do you ever feel like motherhood is just one big ground hog day experience? There are so many tasks you have to complete day in and day out, sometimes multiple times, just to keep the house running and the kids (and husband) alive.

In order to thrive in motherhood, rather than feel buried or burdened by it, you need to set up morning routines, night routines, and daily resets.


Starting your day off right and keeping the flow running smoothly is only possible if you have routines and rhythms in place to help you manage all the to-dos.


Imagine if you woke up to a clean kitchen, had space to breathe, and went to sleep feeling recharged for the next day. It wouldn’t be realistic to promise you a perfect day everyday, (especially if you have little running around), but I can promise that having routines in place will simplify your life and lighten your load. 


This week on the Simple Home Podcast I teach you:

  • what a daily reset is,
  • how to set them up to make your day run smoother,
  • and how you can use them to keep your house feeling tiny and clean.

We also talk about starting and ending your days with simple routines so you feel ready and relaxed.

  • I’ll tell you what I do during these times
  • and what I recommend as you develop your own routines. 


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morning routines
morning routines