Minimalist Motherhood?

It may seem like minimalism and motherhood don’t work together! I used to feel that way too. I thought minimalism was just for young couples who lived in modern apartments in the city.

But when I became a mom and my kids started growing, I realized all I did was clean up after them. All day long, I picked up toys, did dishes and laundry, and moved paperwork from one flat surface to another.

This is not how I pictured motherhood or how I wanted to spend the rest of it.

Minimalism and motherhood may seem like complete opposites, but learning what minimalism really means will give you the space you want and desperately need.

On this episode of The Simple Home Podcast I talk with Diane Boden from The Minimalist Moms Podcast. Diane is the author of the brand new book, “Minimalist Moms” (which will be released in early March 2021). She teaches us what minimalism looks like in motherhood, realistic tips for decluttering, and how having less and doing less will benefit your whole family.

Minimalism isn’t just about have fewer possessions, although that does help. It’s also about creating space for what’s important to you and being grateful for what you already do have. Learning that you are enough and what you have is enough will go along way in you finding joy in motherhood.

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