Getting ready to potty train? 

After potty training all 3 of my kids using the 3 day method, I out together a potty training blueprint to take the stress out of potty training. Download your FREE Potty 3 Day Training Blueprint and potty train your toddler this weekend. 

The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Literacy Development

Why do you need to worry about educating your child before school anyway? According to, “90% of brain growth happens by the age of five, children who receive high quality education before the age of 5 are 40% less likely to be held back a grade,...

7 Super Simple STEM Activities for Young Kids

Most young kids are drawn to activities that make them create, think, discover, and invent. These STEM activities for young kids are perfect for any day of the week. They take little prep and very few materials. The creativity will come from your child and their...

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