Do you ever feel like all you do is feed your family and then clean up the mess from cooking and eating.


I hear you! Some days I’m not sure I did anything else. 


Motherhood and life are full of different seasons.

  • Your kids are constantly growing and changing,
  • your schedules are growing and changing,
  • and you are hopefully growing and changing as well.

Learning how to meal plan in each season and choosing the right meal planning method can make your life feel so much lighter. 


2-2-2 Meal Planning Method


Today on The Simple Home Podcast, I talk through Andrea from Adventures in Feeding My Fam all about her simple approach to meal planning, which she calls the 2-2-2 Meal Planning Method. 


It took me a long time to embrace meal planning. If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you know I like to keep things simple and to me, meal planning just sounded like more work. One more thing I had to do each week. I tried so many meal planning methods and failed at most of them. What I learned was I just needed the right one. The one that made my life simpler in the season I was in. 


I’m hoping that even if you’ve written off meal planning, that you’ll listen to this episode and learn about Andrea’s Meal Planning Method. She’s made an entire career of empowering busy  moms to get healthy through meal planning and prep while being a great role model for their kids.

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