Do you ever feel like you’ve been “on” all day with your children and just don’t have anything left? You feel exhausted, irritable, and overwhelmed. 


You’re not alone. Stress and anxiety can sneak up on you and affect the way you feel and the way you parent. 


Learning how to manage the stress that naturally builds up throughout the day and weeks is crucial to living your best life and thriving in motherhood. 


In this episode we’re going to talk about how to manage stress and anxiety in motherhood. There are many different levels of anxiety and you may be struggling with anxiety periodically as you parent, or you may be completely overtaken with anxiety. If you’re experiencing the latter, I encourage you to seek professional help. (Please note that neither myself nor my guest are experts or doctors ad want you to get the help that you need should it be necessary).


There is so much on your plate as a mom. So many worries, so many to-do’s, so many questions to answer and messes to clean up. It’s easy to fall into a dark place. Either for a moment, a day, or longer. 


Inez Bayardo from For The Love Of Mom, talks with us today about her struggle with anxiety, why she feels it’s so important for moms to deal with their own anxiety and stress, and what you can do to recognize your anxiety as well as ways to manage it .


Her insight is so inspiring and you are going to love this episode!


Key Takeaways


  • Inez shares with us her personal struggle with anxiety.


  • We talk about why the presence of stress and anxiety can be detrimental in motherhood.


  • Inez shares some signs we should look for to let us know if we may be anxious or overly stressed.


  • We learn easy ways to help reduce the anxiety we may be feeling. 


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How to manage stress and anxiety in motherhood manage stress and anxiety in motherhood