Sometimes parenting stinks!

Let me tell you, I love being a mom. I enjoy my time with my kids and can find humor in their craziness, but sometimes parenting just stinks. It’s those times when you have just spent the last half hour cleaning spilt milk off every inch of your child, the table, the floor, the high chair, and every other nook and cranny it can get into, only to look up at your child who is wearing their bowl as a hat and smooshing their cheerios up into teeny tiny crumbs. Mealtimes with toddlers makes parenting stink.

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Do you struggle with mealtime messes like I do? Get the ezpz!

Mealtimes with toddlers

How to Make Mealtimes with Toddlers less of a Mess

Mealtimes with toddlers are exhausting.

As you can tell, this is one of my least favorite parts of my job as mom. Cleaning up after every meal and every snack is exhausting to say the least. It is so constant and never ending! 

I don’t know about you, but I am always searching for ways to keep the mess more contained so I can spend less time cleaning up and more time enjoying mealtime.

I have tried every bib on the market including the food catching variety, but have been disappointed with how much food my children still manage to get everywhere!

About a year and a half ago, I found the solution I was looking for, the ezpz! This product is amazing. It is so simple, easy, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

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What I love about it

1. It is a placemat with a built in plate that suctions to almost any surface.

This is a great feature. My one year old loves to pick up every dish I give him and dump the food right out, but not with the ezpz. He can’t get it to come loose from the table which keeps his food right where I put it…brilliant!

2. I love that I can put the entire thing right into the dishwasher and rarely have to clean the table around my child.

The mess really does stay contained. Most all the food ends up on the placemat instead of on the table.

3. I have noticed that it is teaching my children how to keep their food on their plate.

They try really hard to keep the placemat part clean.

4. It is also perfect for my one year to learn to feed himself.

The lip around the plate helps him use his utensils more successfully and he is so proud of himself.

Mealtimes with toddlers

5. My favorite aspect of this product is its durability.

I literally don’t think it will ever break down. The silicone is BPA, BPS, PVC free, hypoallergenic, and does not harbor bacteria. And it is so easy to clean…nothing sticks to it!

Check out all the amazing styles of the ezpz!

They have a bowl, the original smiley face (the happy mat) plate, a smaller version that can fit right into your purse or diaper bag, and even a flower mat for arts and crafts. My favorite is the original smiley face plate, called the happy mat. They lay flat and stack on top of each other for easy storage. I have found that just one per child is enough because they clean up so easy. I can easily rinse it in between meals and it is ready to go. My two older kids can clean their own, which is even better!

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If you hate cleaning up after mealtimes like I do, you need to get the ezpz. Your kids will love it and you will be thrilled with less cleanup and the pretty designs!

Mealtimes with toddlers

How to Make Mealtimes with Toddlers less of a Mess

Mealtimes with toddlers
Mealtimes with toddlers