Living with less stuff, living within our means, and staying intentional.



When my first baby was 6 months old we moved to a town with lots of young families. I quickly realized that these moms had their kids signed up for all the activities and had since birth. I was already behind. So I jumped in with two feet and got him in mommy and me swimming, mommy and me art class, mommy and me music class, and all the other mommy and me classes I could find.


I also quickly noticed that our house was starting to fill up with stuff. We now lived near a Target and a children’s consignment store and I was making weekly trips to see what new deals I could find. My intent to live with less stuff in our house and on our schedule had gone out the window. I was keeping up with everyone else without giving any thought to what was best for our family.


I hated living with clutter so I continuously purged and organized. I was on a never ending cycle of shopping, purging, organizing, and my days were filled with activities. I was tired and felt like something had to change. But I didn’t think my exhaustion was coming from my child, I thought it was coming from my house. 



So I made lots of changes to my mindset and my home and found peace with finally, living with less. 



In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, I share my interview from The Wannabe Minimalist Podcast where I talked about my journey to simpler living and give lots of tips to help you find the right balance for you and your family and finally get your house and schedule in order. 


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A special thank you to Deanna Yates of The Wannabe Minimalist Podcast for allowing me to share this interview on The Simple Home Podcast.


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