Welcome to the third episode of the series, small steps to lasting change. This has been such a fun series so far and I’m so honored you’re listening in this week. If you haven’t listened to the first two episodes in this series, make sure to check them out after you listen to this one about making small steps towards living clutter free. 


In the first episode we talked about mindset and shopping. Then we talked about small steps in your daily tasks.

Today we’re talking about making small steps that will have a lasting impact on your clutter so you can live clutter free.

Have you ever spent weeks, months, or even longer decluttering and then looked around and felt like you haven’t made any progress? This is so common, especially in the beginning of your clutter free journey. And even if you’re a seasoned declutterer (I know that’s not a real word!), you probably still have these moments. 

What I want is for you to get to a place where you declutter just to maintain and not to find your sanity!

Small steps you can start today to live clutter free.

These are not in order so you can do whatever works for you. 

  • Stop getting distracted
  • Put it on your calendar
  • Stop bringing stuff in
  • Make decisions

We go into detail about each one of these steps in this episode of The Simple Home Podcast. Putting these small steps into practice will keep you from decluttering every couple months so you can live in your house and not just manage your stuff. 

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Now it’s time to go and do! Remember if you have questions or need support with anything we talk about on this show you can always DM me on IG, I’m @jennaarvidson or come join my FB group. It’s full of like minded people who are working hard to simplify their lives too! This work is easier done in community than by yourself so come over and join us

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