I am sure my life with kids is no different from your life with kids. We all have those days where we question our sanity, but later can’t stop laughing about the day. These are the moments we don’t want to forget, right? So here is a little story from a recent day in our home. I hope it brings you some laughter and encouragement.

Life with kids

This is how it started…

My two year old opened a package of peanut M&M’s and casually started eating them in the checkout line.

The baby was screaming because we were at the grocery store way too long and he thought he was going to starve.

As I began putting the groceries away, I discovered my thawing shrimp had leaked onto every shelf and into every bin below it in the refrigerator.

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I found a hole in the lid to one of the yogurts we had just purchased, which managed to get on everything else that had traveled home in that bag.

During this time, the baby is still crying, my four year old is pulling out all his best tricks to get him to stop, my two year old is singing “Jesus loves me” at the top of her lungs, and I am trying to get dinner to a point where I can sit down and nurse my little one.

There’s a calm moment where I decide to sit down with the baby while the other two look through our library books.

Seconds later, my sweet two year old who is potty training, looks at me and says, “Mommy, I’m pooping.” So I rush to her, still nursing, and try to get her to her little potty in time. We didn’t make it.

Her brother cheers her on for getting a tiny bit of poop in the potty and she is glowing with pride. Neither child seemed to notice the mess all around the potty.

I remain on the floor with her, making sure she didn’t move, while allowing the baby to finish nursing.

I am able to set the baby down, clean up the mess, and finish dinner without another incident…

As I set dinner on the table, my little girl finds the M&M’s she had torn into at the store, picks the bag up, and spills every single one on the floor.

Life with kids is never dull!

meal planning