Did you just get a new camera and have no idea where to start? Or have you had a nice one for a while and have never learned to use manual mode?

You’re not alone. I would guess that the majority of people you see taking photos with a DSLR camera have barely used any of the functions other than the automatic settings. As mom’s, we don’t really have a lot of spare time to learn to use the other functions, and let’s be honest, the automatic modes take pretty nice pictures. I know when I started I was afraid I would screw up and miss a great picture trying to mess around in manual mode so I just stuck to auto.

Manual mode

As I learned about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, I realized I had been missing out on so much. Yes, you can continue using your camera as a point and shoot, but you will be amazed how easy it can be to learn the tricks of the pros and start taking amazing photographs in manual mode.

Once I learned the basics, I became obsessed. I started reading everything I could, takings hundreds of photos a day, practicing every technique I learned, and now other people trust me to capture their memories, which is something  I love.

You don’t have to be a professional to start taking great pictures of your family. You just need to know a few tips and tricks and the basics of using manual mode.

In no time at all, you will be taking pictures (in manual mode) of your kids like a pro!

If you are ready to jump in, join me for a FREE five day E-course that will teach you everything you need to know about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO so you can let go of your fear and stop using the auto functions on your camera. You do not need any experience to get started, just a camera. So get your camera ready and let’s get started. Sign up to enter the E-course and walk through it with other moms ready to capture their memories too! Join our Facebook group to learn even more and post your favorite photos. I will answer all your questions as you continue your journey with photography and will be glad to teach you everything I know to help you take professional looking pictures of your kids or anyone else!

Each lesson will take you less than 30 minutes a day to complete. In five short days you will be taking photos manually and will never want to go back to auto. You will no longer have to worry that you are going to miss a shot!

If you aren’t a mom, but still want to learn to take great photos in manual mode, join us. This E-course is open to everyone and created to help anyone start taking photos manually.

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