Do you struggle to keep your house clean, but just haven’t found the right system yet?


I’ve tried every cleaning schedule I could find on Pinterest and have failed at 99% of them. Something happens to me when I put restraints on myself. If I mess up once, I can’t get myself back on track.


You may have unreasonable expectations on yourself when it comes to keeping your house clean, especially if you’re trying to raise a family at the same time. 


This episode is not about maintaining a perfecting clean home. It’s about finding ways to implement your main cleaning tasks into your day with little thought. 


In my opinion, cleaning should be a family activity. If everyone enjoys the comforts of the home, then everyone should participate in keeping it nice. Of course this will look different in different stages of your children’s lives, but starting them early will help you tremendously later.


In this episode I’ll tell you how I finally found a system that worked for keeping my house clean. I’ll teach you how to use anchors to make these tasks a part of your day rather than an extra task you have to complete.


Key Takeaways

  • The big thing that’s making cleaning your house much harder.
  • How to create anchors that will help you get your daily cleaning tasks done with little thought.
  • Why it’s important to involve your kids at every age.
  • How to cut down the amount of time you spend on each task tremendously.

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