When I first started blogging, I had no idea how to increase blog traffic.

How was I supposed to get people to actually come to my website and read what I wrote? I would put so much energy into creating the best posts that I could and no one would see them. I guess I thought, if I wrote it, and put it out there, people would find it. And I was wrong! No one came. But why would they come if there was no way for anyone to know I had published a blog post?

Does this sound familiar? Are you working and working and feel like you are not bringing in the traffic you deserve? I finally found the magic answer that increased my blog traffic more than 300% in just one month. And I think it could be highly beneficial for you as well. Sign up at the end of this post for a free printable of the exact steps I took!

Increase blog traffic

How did I do it? How does someone increase blog traffic?

Well, I did a lot of research into what other successful bloggers are doing. I was looking for any blogger who had enough traffic coming to their website that they were able to make money with their blog. I figured if they had this much traffic, they must be doing something right and I wanted to emulate their strategies.

I found one thing in common with all these bloggers.

They were using Pinterest strategically. I actually didn’t know there was startegy to Pinterest. That is, until I started blogging. And it’s not just about pinning a lot of pins or even pinning your own stuff. There is so much more to Pinterest than I would have thought. Now I can’t explain all the algorithms of Pinterest, but I can tell you exactly what I have done to increase my blog traffic.

You Can Increase Your Traffic

Are ready to increase blog traffic and become a master Pinterester? (I know that isn’t a word, but couldn’t think of a better way to explain exactly what you will become.) Sign up at the end of this post to get this free checklist sent straight to your inbox. You have nothing to lose. It is completely free and has significantly increased my blog traffic and engagement, which in turn has increased my blog income.

Looking for other resources that will take your blog to the next level?

Here are two of my favorites.

Whether you are brand new or have been blogging for some time, “Blogging on the Side”, by Becky Mansfield and Paula Rollo, will teach you everything you need to know to run a successful blog. And it is a quick read and very small investment. Can’t beat that! They have other great books, courses, and service s as well.

And if you want to start making income from your blog that could change your blog from a hobby to a full time job, this course is an absolute must! Read my full review as we’ll as my interview with the creator, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner. Or just sign up for the class here. This class has changed the way I blog and how I think about my blog. Best investment I have made!

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