How can a love language help you connect with your child?

I have three children and I am often amazed how different and unique each child is. The moment I think I have one figured out, I am reminded that I don’t. Discipline that worked yesterday all of a sudden doesn’t work today. Their favorite food is now one they won’t even touch, even though they requested it earlier that day. And I can’t figure out what is going to make them laugh or cry at any given moment. But that’s part of the beauty of being a parent I suppose. I strive to understand who my kids are and what makes them feel loved and valued. It’s hard though, right? It’s hard to know what they are thinking and feeling. Learning about my child’s love language has at least given me some insight.

child's love language

Love Language

How to Use Your Child’s Love Language to Connect

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5 Love Languages of Children

One of my favorite resources is Gary Chapman’s book, “5 Love Languages of Children:The Secret to Loving Children Effectively.He has such a genius way of explaining how different people express and receive love in different ways.


When I read this book the first time, I knew exactly what my son’s primary Love Language was and it was eye opening. It explained so much about him and gave me insights into his behavior that I never would have had. I am now able to connect with him at a much deeper level with very little effort because I know what he values most in our relationship. I read it again when we had our daughter and as she gets bigger I am really starting to see how different her love language is than her brother. I am excited to see how my younger son relates to these two or if his Love Language is different still.


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With the information I got from, “5 Love Languages of Children,” I feel like I can truly connect with each one of my children in a more meaningful way. Gary Chapman really guides you through the book to give you a deep understanding of each Love Language so you can start to use the information to build your relationships immediately.


child's love language

Do you know how your child receives love?

According to Chapman’s book, there are 5 primary love languages; words of Affirmation, physical touch, gifts, acts of service, and quality Time. Your child will most likely fall into one category as their primary Love Language. Of course, this does not mean they do not respond to the other ways you show them love, but they may not be getting the message as strongly as you are hoping.

child's love language

Take the Love Language quiz below and find out exactly how your child receives love.

When you are done with the quiz, take a look at Gary Chapman’s book to get more information about each Love Language and how knowing this information can help you build your relationship with your child. Gary Chapman also has several other resources to help you use love languages in other relationships, such as your marriage.

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child's love language child's love language
child's love language
Love language

How to Use your Child’s Love Language to Connect