Getting meals on the table can consume your thoughts and your time.

In this episode we simplify the meal planning process and help you gain control over meal times without feeling stressed or frantic.



Forget the Pinterest meals and make meals that take less time and meals your family will actually eat.


I’ve tried and failed at numerous meal planning guides. It felt harder to make a plan than just to get something on the table. I realized it wasn’t because of the planning part. It was because of my expectations and all that goes into planning and making meals that I was failing at.


In this episode we’re going to talk about six tips to simplifying the whole process so you can get meals on the table with less effort and more enjoyment.


One of the tips is to plan, but  I’ll walk you through the planning process I finally succeeded with and trust me, it’s super simple. Make sure to download the meal planning bundle that goes along with this episode. It’s free, so grab it now.


Key Takeaways

  • Six tips that will help you get meals on the table easier.
  •  My complete planning process that makes meal planning easy and less time consuming.
  • I’ll tell you the breakfast and lunch options I rotate for my family.
  • I encourage you to let go of the expectations you have set for yourself.


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