I don’t know about you, but much of my life happens inside. Not the glamorous moments like going to the zoo for the first time or taking a hike, but the real moments like cooking dinner, doing bath time, and playing with play dough. These are the small moments that really make up a lot of the goodness of my life and I want to photograph them.


Being able to take photos inside is a vital skill as a momtographer. I prefer using natural light, rather than overhead lights or a flash, because I like the look and feel natural light provides. You may decide to use a flash indoors and that is perfectly fine. There is no right or wrong here, just personal preference. 

how to take better photos inside

In this post you will learn how to take better photos indoors.


Actionable tips to take better photos inside


Assess the light

The biggest thing to be mindful of when taking photos indoors is where the light is coming from. Placing your subjects near large windows or other sources of natural light will improve the look of your image tremendously. Natural light allows for smoother looking skin and sharper looking photos. Go though your home or the indoor location your are in and find the best sources of light and how you might position yourself and your subject within those areas.


Connect with subjects

Laugh, play, engage, and have fun. Have your camera out, but don’t hang on to it the whole time. Play in between and pick it up when you see a photo or have your child laughing. Think more about the engagement with your child and less about the photos and you will end up with more opportunities to get candid, beautiful photos.


Use white space

One of the best ways to make your image stand out is to add white space. This works well inside. Step back and get the white wall behind your child as he sits on the floor with a book. Place him in the bottom corner of the image and leave the blank space. This will draw the viewers eye directly to your subject in a much more interesting way than if your child was close up and right in the center. Your child will still be the focus of the image even if he isn’t the largest part of the image.

Showcase real life

Don’t feel like everything has to be perfect in order to get good photos. It’s completely ok if there is a messy counter behind you or toys on the floor. Photographing your life means photographing your life exactly the way it is. Use the ‘mess’ to add interest to your photo. Your child sitting on the floor with Legos everywhere depicts the creativity and innovation that is happening as she plays. Capture it!


Use the shadows and darkness

Some of your favorite moments happen in darker spaces. It is okay to have images where there isn’t much light. Use a dim lamp or light outside the room to light your subjects face and allow for the rest of the image to be darker. Try not to use a flash or turn on an overhead light. Instead use your settings to help you let in the light you need, but try to keep the scene as it looks to your eye.


Get in the ground and in the air

Move yourself around the space. One of the benefits of being inside is having lots of angles you can take. You can stand on a chair to get above your kids playing on the floor. You can duck down to get your child’s feet hanging off their chair at the dinner table. You can lay on your belly with your kids while they read a story. Get creative with your location and you will will come away with some amazing photos.

how to take better photos inside

Find color and texture

Like I said above, you can use the mess to add some dimension and color to your photograph. The books on the bookshelf, the clothes hanging in the closet, artwork on the wall, a covered refrigerator, all of these things will add to the story in your photograph and ultimately make it more compelling. Search your house for color and texture that’s I’ll help you tell the story of your life.


As you think about documenting your life in photos, don’t forget about all the moments that happen inside. They don’t have to be big, extravagant, events. Photograph the messy, raw, beautiful elements of your everyday life so your photos tell your story as your family grows.


What to do now:

Find the natural light in your home. Look for the best windows and the best rooms to take photos in and practice in those rooms first. Ask your kids to come play and move around the room until you find the best angles. Play with different amounts of light and don’t be afraid if there isn’t tons of light in one place. Use the light you have to light your subject and allow the rest of the photo to remain darker. Tag me on Instagram (@athomewithkidsblog) and show me your favorite photos.


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