Republic Wireless has Saved My Family Hundreds of Dollars.

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My husband and I are always looking for ways to save money. Until a few years ago we only had one cell phone that we shared between the two of us. Crazy right? I always had it with me because my husband never wanted to worry, but I could never get ahold of him. It became a bit frustrating for both of us, but we were not about to spend over $100 a month on phones. Enter… Republic Wireless.

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Republic wireless

A friend at his office told us about the service her family used and what an amazing deal it was.

Like you are right now, we were very skeptical. $10 a month (and that’s not even their cheapest plan) sounded too good to be true. She assured us that her husband had been using it for a year before she switched and she had then been using it for almost a year herself. So we decided to do the same thing. I kept my current plan and we got our second phone with Republic Wireless.

Within the first few months I was totally impressed, a bit jealous actually, so we switched my phone too.

We have been happy Republic Wireless customers ever since. The great thing is, there haven’t been any hidden charges. I have paid the exact same amount on each and every bill. I know with my last plan there were several months that I had to call and question something that was on my bill because of some new fee or tax. We have now been with Republic Wireless for over four years and have not had to do this once. In fact, I have not had to call customer service for anything.

There are several different plans to choose from starting from just $5 per month. Check their plans out and get signed up today! My current plan is $10 per month and it includes unlimited talk, text, and data. I have been super happy with everything about this plan and would recommend it to anyone who wants to save money, but not compromise on service. Now that you’ve read this, doesn’t it seem silly to pay more for a phone.

Republic Wireless


Here’s How They Keep the Costs Down for You

I’m sure you’re curious how they can provide this service for so much cheaper than other providers. I was too. Republic Wireless uses cell and wifi for calling. So if your phone is connected to wifi it will automatically use the internet for calls and texts and if you are not on wifi then your phone will automatically switch to cell towers, like a traditional phone service. Our service has been great, even when we are away on trips. So, even though this method is cheaper for you as the consumer, it does not have a negative impact on your service.

The other major difference is the amount of overhead Republic Wireless has. They do not have storefronts or a large customer service department. At first, this was a major con for me. I was so used to having a Verizon store that I could run to if I needed anything. Which actually was never helpful anyway. Republic wireless has a smaller customer service department, but a huge online forum that can answer almost any problem.

Republic wireless


I highly recommend taking a look at Republic Wireless and deciding if it would be right for your family. An extra $50 per month is $600 per year (and that’s propbably less thank you will actually save depending on what you are spending now). It will be a painless switch. There is no contract and you can change your plan at anytime with no penalty. No more signing up for two years right off the bat! I have been happier with Republic Wireless than I was with Verizon or T-Mobile and plan to continue this service indefinitely . I truly hope this review has been helpful and that it will provide a little extra money in your pocket every month.

Go now and take a look at their website to answer any more questions you may have. And remember how nice that extra $50 (or more) will be each month!

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