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Motherhood can feel a wee bit exhausting at times. With all there is to do and manage, finding the space to enjoy our kids can be nearly impossible.

That’s why I find such value in today’s conversation with Denaye Barahona. She gives amazing insight into how to parent with less stuff and less stress. Her practical advice is both easy to listen to and easy to implement into your day to day life.

Just like many things in life we often overcomplicate parenting. But when you’re deep in the clutter that often comes with kids, the never ending activities and obligations, and the tantrums and boogers, it’s hard to see a way out.

This episode of The Simple Home Podcast will give you a new perspective and a little more compassion for yourself.


Key Takeaways

  • Denaye shares her journey to helping families live simpler and parent with more joy.
  • We talk about how busyness and clutter can have a negative impact on us and our kids.
  • We discuss the benefits of boredom and getting kids involved in the day to day tasks.
  • Denaye shares her wisdom for us about handling sibling rivalries and so much more.


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