Creating a simpler life is one thing, but learning how to maintain your clutter free home is where the real magic happens.


Have you ever wondered how you got so much stuff in the first place? Then you purge and organize, only to feel like you’re drowning in your stuff again just a few months later.


So many of us struggle with this.


It’s because getting rid of stuff doesn’t solve the root cause of why you’ve accumulated the stuff you have.


Maintaining a Clutter Free Home Takes a Mindset Shift


  • It takes a shift in the way you consume goods,
  • the way you look at your possessions,
  • and the way you talk to friends and family about your choice to have a clutter free house.

In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, I’ll help you understand how to shift your thinking so you can maintain your clutter free home once and for all.

Stop purging, organizing, and re-accumulating and start living in a clutter free home.

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