Getting your child excited about learning can be a challenge.

Early childhood education is very important, but it can be such a challenge to know what to do at home. As a first grade teacher, turned stay at home mom, I love helping parents bring education into their home before school starts. I am constantly looking for resources that make it easier for parents to start teaching their young children. It can be very hard to find the time to plan and implement learning activities, especially for working parents and parents with more than one child. So I look for anything that will make it easier on kids and parents!

ABC mouse

How to get your Kids Excited about Learning and Read for School

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One of my very favorite resources, that I always recommend to parents, is ABC Mouse.

As a first grade teacher, I got to see kids learn to read! What an amazing reward! Sometimes I felt a bit guilty that I was the one who got to witness this accomplishment, rather than the parents who are truly their first teacher. When I am able to connect with parents of younger kids, I always tell them that reading is not a skill that is just taught at school. It is a process of learning different skills that can be easily started at home to give your child a head start. ABC Mouse makes this easy and engaging for both the parents and the kids. This program won’t just teach your child early literacy skills, but a whole collection of skills that will give your child an incredible foundation and joy of learning.

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Here’s the basics of ABC Mouse

This program was developed by professionals and teachers and with parents in mind. When I am looking for great resources, it is important to me that teachers are involved in the material. This is not because I think only teachers are smart enough to create curriculum, but because you can’t understand how a child interacts with curriculum unless you have been a teacher. The way a child interacts with the curriculum is just as important as the content.

ABC Mouse has been around for over 10 years and has continued to grow in popularity with teachers and parents. Most curriculum in education has a much shorter life span. It is evident that ABC Mouse has proven itself to be a valuable resource for teaching young children. Want to give it a try for free? Sign up here!

Why give ABC Mouse a try?

  • It’s free! You can sign up for 30 days and try ABC Mouse completely free! 30 days will give you plenty of time to try the curriculum out with each of your children and decide if it is right for your family.
  • There are over 850 lessons across 10 levels. ABC Mouse is ideal for ages 2-8. I first tried it with my son when he was 22 months and he loved it. He is now 5 and is still having a blast!
  • You can add each of your children on the same account, without paying an extra fee.
  • The lessons include; reading and language arts, math, science, social studies, and arts.
  • The lessons are taught through animations, games, books, songs, puzzles, art, and printables. Your child will have a variety of lessons and you will get to see what learning style is most beneficial for your child.
  • You can choose what level to start your child on and change the level whenever needed.
  • They have a very easy to use interface to track your child’s progress so you can keep up with their learning and challenge them as they go.
  • Your child will quickly learn how to use the program completely on their own. It was designed for young kids to be able to navigate through the lessons independently.
  • Each time your child completes an activity, they will be rewarded with tickets which can be spent at a variety of pretend stores to build their own bedrooms, aquariums, and more.
  • Your child will also get to create their own avatar that will act as them in this virtual world. This is my son’s favorite part. He loves trying to make it look exactly like him.
  • You can login on any mobile device so your child will have access anywhere you have an internet connection.

So, how do you get started?

If you have read this article and are not quite sure if ABC Mouse is right for your child, sign up for the free 30 day trail. It will not cost you anything and may just be one of the greatest learning tools you come across for your child.

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ABC Mouse

How to get your Kids Excited about Learning and Read for School