Not having enough time in a day is probably the biggest complaint I hear from moms and parents in general.

How are you supposed to get everything done and still have time to be present with your kids?

Why are your kids growing so fast and why does it feel like you’re missing it all?


I’m going to give you some tough love here. What it often comes down to is how we spend the time we have. The only way to take a good look at how your time is spent is to get really honest with yourself about where that time is going. We all get exactly the same amount of time in a week. Yet some people seem so at peace with their time and others are constantly rushing through life.


In this episode we’ll talk about how you can get time back every week and use it intentionally. Stop frantically trying to finish your to-do lists and start being in control of how you spend your time.


Key Takeaways

  • The way you spend your time comes down to 2 things.
  • I’ll give you strategies to change the way you spend your time.
  • I’ll take you through a process for analyzing your time and allocating your flexible time to your true priorities.
  • We’ll talk about the importance of white space on your calendar every day.

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how to get more time in your week

how to get more time in your week