So many of the mom’s who debate whether or not to pursue photography tell me they just don’t think they have ‘the eye’. Just like every form of art, there is no right ‘eye’. If you enjoy taking photos than you can be successful at it and take stunning photos. All you need is a basic understanding of your camera and to find your own viewpoint. In this post you will learn how to find your viewpoint in photography and apply it to your photographs.


Find your why

I think to be successful with anything you need to find your why. Why are you taking photos? What do you hope to accomplish? What do you want to capture? Asking yourself these questions will help you develop a photographic viewpoint that will help you achieve these goals. If you know why you are taking photos you will begin to see each moment in a new way. You will look for opportunities and details that are needed to get the image you want. This will all start to shape your unique viewpoint in photography.


Photograph what you like

I always encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone so they can learn, but as far as finding your viewpoint, take photos of things you love. If you love to do portraits, stick to that. If you prefer landscapes that’s okay too. Maybe you like to capture the raw moments that don’t look so polished. Whatever it is, continue doing what you love and eventually your photos will start to take on a look of their own.

viewpoint in photography

Pay attention to feelings

You’ll hear me say this a lot in my photography teaching, but it is so important to get the feelings behind the image. Without any emotion the photo will lack interest and I doubt it will be a photo you will take a second look at. When you’re taking photos look for ways to get the feelings to shine through. This takes practice, but will ultimately get much easier. This might also look different for every photographer. You will capture an event or moment completely different than someone else. That’s ok. That’s what your viewpoint in photography is all about.


Think through the story

There’s always a story to tell. Figure out what your story is and how you can paint that story in your images. Your unique perspective on a moment in time is worth photographing. Thinking through your story before starting to photograph will help you find your viewpoint. With digital cameras it’s easy to just pick up your camera and start snapping away, but if you want timeless images you will love forever, stop for a moment to think about what you want to capture. This will start to come naturally as your photographic viewpoint develops.

viewpoint in photography


This one sounds a bit cliche, but you have to practice. You will never know what your photographic viewpoint is unless you take lots of photos. It takes time to build your skill and find your rhythm. Give yourself that time. Get your camera out at times you normally wouldn’t and practice, practice, practice.


Look at photography

Looking at other photographs will help you understand what you like and what you don’t like in photography. I never suggest copying someone else’s work, but I do encourage you to be inspired by other photographers work. Look at composition techniques you’re drawn to, colors and exposure your like, and other elements you might try in your photography.

viewpoint in photography

Take the lens away, what do you see?

One of the best exercises to find your viewpoint in photography is to go without your camera for a few minutes and just take notice. What do you see and what do you want to capture? How do you want to show the scene in your image? What’s in the background, middle-ground, and foreground. What elements could make your image more interesting? What composition would be best for this photograph? Taking a minute to observe your scene without having your camera will help you create the viewpoint you want.


Finding your photographic viewpoint is exciting and essential to the growth of your photography. Take your time understanding what you love about photography and what you want your images to depict. Use the tips above to solidify your viewpoint. It might take some time before you feel you have it all figured out. And your viewpoint may change as your photography skills change. This is okay and expected. Most importantly, just have fun with your photography and enjoy the process of perfecting your skills.


What to do now:

Continue playing around with the tips above until you find your viewpoint in photography. This might take some time and it might also change as you grow, but you will know when you find your sweet spot! You can pin this article for later by clicking the Pinterest icon on the side. My goal for you is that you have fun with photography and make it a part of your every day.  Tag me on Instagram (@athomewithkidsblog) and show me your favorite photos.


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