Getting healthy meals on the table is hard enough.


But getting your children to actually eat it is even tougher. Some nights it feels impossible. I’ve had my share of frustration around how to feed my picky eater. 

  • There’s been nights when my kids didn’t eat anything,
  • nights when we battled over every bite,
  • tears and outbursts (from adults and kids!). 


Over the past few years I’ve learned to let go of the struggle and found simpler ways to feed my family and instill good eating habits in my kids. Much was learned through trial and error, but I owe much of my mealtime sanity to a few experts I’ve learned from. In everything with parenting, I’m constantly learning. And I hope you are too. It’s okay to seek out answers for what you don’t already know. 


In today’s episode of The Simple Home Podcast, I share applicable tips from a few of my favorite experts on the topic of feeding your picky eater.


I talk about everything from

  • setting the right foundation to
  • developing healthy habits to
  • setting up your kitchen for success. 


If you’ve ever felt that mealtimes are a struggle and you dream of family mealtimes with less fuss and more laughs than this episode is for you. Know that you aren’t the only mom who gets reluctance when you feed your kids anything other than mac and cheese. 


But it’s possible to change the way your family eats together and the eating preferences your child has established. 


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