This episode is all about toys.

If you have kids you can probably relate with the toy overload that creeps into your house. Whether you purchase the toys or they come home from another well meaning individual, they seem to just keep coming.


In this episode I’ll tell you how to choose the very best toys for your kids and how to keep the toys to a manageable level. It can feel nearly impossible to know which toys to allow into your house and what to try and keep out so we’ll also discuss a few questions you can ask yourself when choosing these toys.


Your child(ren) will benefit from having fewer things to play with as they grow.


Play is super important in development and by no means do I want you to disregard this, but curating your toy space can help your children get the most out of their playtime and keep you from losing your mind every time you go into that space.


Key takeaways

  • I give you questions to think about as you start to design your playspace (it doesn’t have to be a whole room devoted to toys. I’m talking about any area you decide to keep toys, including just a simple toy box or shelf.)
  • I talk you through how to decide what toys to include in your new space.
  • I tell you what I keep in my house for our kids to play with. (All 3 of my kids play with the same toys and have for several years).
  • We talk briefly about mindset so you can keep it up and stay intentional about your toy space.
  • I tell you how I handle the little trinkets that come home from birthday parties, the dentist or doctor’s office, and everywhere else we go.


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how to curate your toys
how to curate your toys how to curate your toys