Money is a sensitive topic and I know it may be one you don’t love to talk about.


However, I don’t think you can ever fully live the life you want if you don’t have a handle over this part of your life.


As you begin to simplify your possessions, money is an aspect of your life you should give attention to. One of the great things about having and wanting less material stuff is the positive aspect it will have on your spending habits.


However, we live in a society (especially if you live in the US) that urges constant consumerism. Because of this we often spend more than we make and make mindless purchases.


This episode will get you thinking about how you view money and what you want your money picture to look like. I am not a financial expert and in no way want you to make all your financial decisions off this one episode. What I want is for you to find peace with your money so you can start to use it purposely, in a way that gets you closer to the life you want to live.

Key Takeaways


  • We’ll talk about mindset and 4 different uses of money.
  • I tell you how you can start to change your spending habits by asking yourself 4 questions before you buy anything.
  • I give you several action steps you can start today to get your spending and saving on the right track.


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