Does your home feel more like a zoo than a sanctuary? There are so many benefits of minimalism for parents, especially moms. Living a simpler life starts with making changes to your home, your schedule, and your mindset.

It takes time and patience to minimize the clutter in your life, but the benefits are immediate. In this episode I talk about 10 benefits you’ll start to feel right away as you declutter your space and your mind. There are countless others, and as soon as you start seeing the positive impact minimalism has in your life you’ll be inspired to keep going.


Key Takeaways


  • We’ll talk about 10 benefits you’ll feel from simplifying your life and clutter.
  • I’ll tell you the number one reason I don’t think you can wait to start living a simpler life. 
  • You’ll learn the thing I learned this year that has changed the way I handle my kids disagreements and other stressful situations. 


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