I know I’m not alone when I say that helping kids declutter is hard.

Toys accumulate and collections start to build without much effort. This can be a major stressor if you’re trying to declutter your home.


I saw this quote on Instagram from Zoe Kim from raising simple that said, “I’m not raising minimalist kids. I’m raising kids in a minimalist home.” 


This has really helped me put my kids clutter in its place. It’s also helped me communicate with my kids the value in living with less clutter, but not force my habits on them. My goal in living a simpler lifestyle is to show the value of relationships and people over managing and accumulating stuff. 


With that said, I also know the importance of my kids having less stuff for their sanity and mine. So, having a few tools to help kids declutter is valuable as they grow.


In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, I chat with Deanna Yates from The Wannabe Minimalist Podcast. She gives us tips for how to help kids declutter that are doable and easy to implement. If you’ve ever wished you could get your kids on board with simplifying, this is the episode for you.


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