One of my favorite parts of any holiday are all the fun activities and crafts I can do with my kids. Valentine’s Day is by far my favorite for this. Mainly because I love all the colors that come along with Valentine’s Day.

Here are a few fun and simple Valentines Day crafts I have planned for this year. I hope you try a few with your family.

Fun and simple crafts for Valentines day

Toilet paper roll gift box-

have your kids paint an empty toilet paper roll. Fill the inside with treats, notes, or a small gift. Fold down each side and tie a ribbon around the middle. This would make a great little treat for your child’s classmates too.

Handprint heart-

Keepsakes with my kids hands are always my favorite and this one is oh so easy! Cover the palms of both hands in paint and press them down in the shape of a heart.

Candy heart frame-

you will need cardboard. Any will do. I just cut cardboard from boxes around the house. Or you can use and old frame you have lying around as long as it is flat. You will also need glue and a bag or two of candy hearts. Cut your frame the shape and size you want. Let your child glue candy hearts all over until the frame is completely covered. Add a picture of your little one(s) or the handprints from above and give to the grandparents as a sweet gift.

 Fun and Simple Crafts for Valentines Day

Heart shaped garland-

this is fun to do with felt, but can easily be done with paper as well. You will need yarn and two to three colors of felt or cardstock paper, and a hole punch. Choose the size of heart you want. Draw 50-100 of the depending on how long you want your garland. Have your kids help you cut them out if they are old enough to use scissors safely. Punch two hole in each heart. String the yarn through the hearts as shown in the picture and hang your garland wherever you want to decorate!

Heart doilies table runner-

purchase a pack of heart shaped paper doilies at the dollar store or craft store. Glue them together to create a mosaic of hearts across the center of your table.

Heart people-

cut out different size hearts, bigger hearts for the body and smaller for the hands and feet. Cut strips of paper and show your kids how to do an accordion fold (or do it for them). Give them glue, Google eyes, and markers or crayons. Let them put the pieces together into a heart person like the one shown in the picture.

Fun and simple crafts for Valentines Day
Pink heart slime-

use borax, elmers glue, and water to make slime. Use the recipe below. Add food coloring to the glue mixture before mixing with the borax mixture. Then add heart shaped confetti and glitter to the finished slime. Here’s a more detailed recipe to make slime. Just add your Valentine’s Day color and confetti!

Valentines sharpie mugs-

all you need for this craft is a cheap dollar store mug, oil based sharpies, and an oven. For complete directions, check out this post.  Super easy and my kids love making these. Plus they make an amazing gift!

Fun and simple crafts for Valentines Day

Crafts are a great way to enjoy holidays with your kids and make lasting memories. These are the traditions you kids will always remember and probably share with their children. Have fun with these fun and simple crafts for Valentines Day!