The transition into motherhood is a life changing event.

We all go into it with expectations that have likely been building based on what we’ve observed from other mothers our whole lives. Expectations that may not be realistic, but are very real.

Somewhere along the journey of becoming a mom, taking care of a house, working or staying home, you may have found yourself feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, elated, frustrated, sad, lost…and possibly like you’re the only mother who doesn’t have this thing called motherhood figured out.

You may have lost your identity in motherhood.

Well, that’s a lie that Instagram has been feeding into us. The reality is, every parent I’ve met has the same goal. To raise awesome kids and hope that their love trumps any mistakes they make along the way.

In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, I chat with Amanda Bennett from the Gotcha Mama Podcast about finding your identity in motherhood, letting go of your pre-baby self and gracefully allowing yourself to be a new version of you. She gives us 3 practical steps to finding ourselves and stepping into our purpose in motherhood.

This episode was incredibly encouraging to me and I know you’ll feel the same way!

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